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Extending Systems Management Server

Our solutions are designed to make your jobs easier.

Welcome to SMSUtils! Let's face it, the job for the average SMS Administrator has become extremely complex. Over the past few years, your job has changed from managing a few servers and pushing out packages to providing an an enterprise wide patching solution and somehow in your spare time creating a full inventory management system with detailed reports. We are truly being called to Do More with Less!

All of our solutions are designed around one primary goal: Making your job as an SMS Administrator easier while providing a seamless end-user experience. Our solutions balance equally the convenience of the SMS Administrator and the User. Your Users are your customers and without them your business would not function. As an SMS administrator you are called to provide a full enterprise Systems Management solution while making your users as productive as possible. 

Our solutions combine innovative ideas with current technologies to provide extremely robust solutions without significantly adding to your already busy schedule.

For example:

  • Our WakeonLanSMS solution provides full Wake on Lan technology across all of your IP subnets with the use of a single service installation. There is no need to manage “agents“ on many computers throughout your enterprise.
  • Our new SCCM Speedup solution will help to get software installing on your systems dramatically faster while also drastically lowering the amount of work your Primary has to do.

We are always looking for new ways we can help you! Please feel free to send us feedback on anything you struggle with on a day to day basis and we will work to provide a solution that will exactly meet your needs. You can email us feedback at Cloaking .

We look forward to working with you!