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VBS - Sorting a dictionary object

All of the examples that I found on the internet were WAY too complicated and hard to follow. Here is a very simple dictionary sort function that I figured I would share.

Function SortDict(ByVal objDict)
 'Call using "Set objDictSorted = SortDict(objDict)"
 Dim i, j, temp
 For Each i In objDict
  For Each j In objDict
   If(objDict.Item(i) <= objDict.Item(j)) Then
    temp = objDict.Item(i)
    objDict.Item(i) = objDict.Item(j)
    objDict.Item(j) = temp
   End If
 'For Each i In objDict
 ' WScript.Echo objDict.Item(i)

 Set SortDict = objDict
End Function