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Last Active tab focus in IE7

I ran across a tip to day to get my tabs working (closer to) the way I want them to. I'm loving IE7 but I miss the flexibility in tab management that FireFox has via extensions. My biggest complaint is that the tab focus doesn't change back to the previous tab that I had opened whenever I close a tab. I do lot's of techie research when I am trying to find solutions and often that involves doing a search and then opening up a bunch of windows in new tabs. But, if I don't want to keep a particular new tab open, it sends me to the tab to the right of the one I closed instead of the last active tab. Or, if the new tab is the one furthest right, tab focus goes to the tab that as next to it.

I was going to submit a feature request on the Microsoft feedback site but it appears I don't need to. They really need to change where this option is set at (move it to the Tabs settings page) but at least it is there!

I can't link to the tip because it was posted as a workaround by someone on the MS Feedback site.

Entered by yOlt on 5/18/2006

You can configure it working like you expected it to work. This option is just hidden very well.

1. Open tools menu in from Internet Explorer window, choose Internet Options...
2. Go to advanced tab, there will be anvanced settings.
3.Under Browsing you will find "Use Most recent order when switching tabswith Ctrl+Tab (3rd last option). Check it and it will work like you wanted although it wont directly say it.

My opinion is that this option should be under tab options. And the text should be changed in that case to something else for easier to understand.

EDIT: This link had the info all along. Like the option itself, it just isn't explained very well.