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Documenting OU structure

We have some consultants coming in to assist with a MetaDirectory project that is going on at my current client and they asked me for some information--they wanted some documentation of our OU structure. I figured I already had something in place to document something as simple as this but, alas, I did not. So, I googled around for a freeware utility or script and I couldn't really find anything. I think DSRazor and a couple of other commercial tools would do it but I was disappointed and surprised that I didn't find anything free. 

So, should I write the code from scratch or steal from wherever I can?? Hmmm...easy decision there. I remembered working with the scripts included with the GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) and thought there might be something in there I could use. Jackpot!

"ListSOMPolicyTree.wsf" does what I need (and a bit more--I don't care about GPOs right now, just OUs). So, I just made a copy of the file and commented out lines 72-88 and 204-240. I also updated the text that is displayed via line 66 to ""=== OU structure for domain " instead of ""=== GPO Links for domain ".

Presto magic, we have a nice looking export of the OU structure for the domain.

=== OU structure for domain ===
   OU=Domain Controllers
   OU=EMC Celerra
   OU=Management Workstations
   OU=Policy Free OU
               OU=MLCL Computers
                  OU=MLCL Acquisition Workstations
                  OU=MLCL Review Workstations
               OU=MLCL Server
               OU=MLCL Software Groups
               OU=MLCL Software Only
               OU=MLCL Users
      OU=Citrix Servers
      OU=Citrix Servers - Show Desktop
      OU=Citrix Test Servers
      OU=IAS Servers
      OU=IC Servers
      OU=SIS Servers
      OU=SIS Test Servers