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Modifying Lotus Notes cache settings

Another lazy one that will mostly be from an e-mail I sent to the technical staff where I am consulting. We have the Notes client files redirected and the cache.ndk file is eating up TONS of space on the file servers..


There are two settings that control the cache for the Notes client. Like most other settings, they are both in the Notes.ini.

InitialCacheQuota is used to limit the size of the cache file.

   (i.e. "InitialCacheQuota=3072" to set a max size of 3MB)

Cache is used to redirect the location of the cache file. This is the one we wanted to move to the C: instead of M: but ran into issues with people who use Citrix for Notes because there is no C: on those Citrix servers. We don't have a good plan of attack on this right now.

   (i.e. "Cache=c:\documents and settings\mbroad\notes\cache.ndk")

If anyone is interested in the batch files that I have written that will update the Notes.inis out on your user's M: drives I can send it to you and go over how it works. It is only two lines long but there are some things you will want to understand before using it.

Batch File to modify Notes.INIs on file shares (if you redirected the Notes client files)

REM Modifies the cache location-only runs on folders that match the wildcard specified
rem for /d %%i in (\\s009-ns5\sharename\usersystem\a*) do echo cache=c:\documents and settings\%%~ni\notes\cache.ndk >> "%%i\application data\lotus\notes\data\notes.ini"

REM Modifies the cache size-only runs on folders that match the wildcard specified
rem for /d %%i in (\\s009-ns5\sharename\usersystem\a*) do echo InitialCacheQuota=3072 >> "%%i\application data\lotus\notes\data\notes.ini"