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MDT Apps using transforms returning 1624

I was just building a new XP SP3 WIM using MDT 2010 and ran into an issue getting ISScript 11.5 installed. The logs showed error 1624. I ran 'net helpmsg 1624' and it returned a transform issue:

Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.

I double and triple checked my paths and it all looked good. This is the command line I was using:

msiexec /qb! /i ISScript1150.Msi TRANSFORMS=ISScript1150.mst

So, time to try to manually install to see what happens. Same error. My first thought was the MST was corrupt. So, I re-copied it from a source that I knew was good. Still no go.

Thankfully my next guess was right. It needed a newer version of Windows Installer to install (kind of ironic since ISScript is used to install software). So, I manually installed Windows Installer 4.5 and then ISScript installed just fine.

All that was left after that was to make a new entry in the Task Sequence to install it before the ISScript installation entry.

Ta da!