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Free Downloads Descriptions

  • 3C920 Driver - A MSI version of the 3Com driver needed for WOL to function on 2000/XP. You can deploy this via SMS
  • BITS Audit Reports - A MOF that you can use to audit BITS settings on your clients
  • Dell WakeonLan SMS Reports - Used to determine which systems support WOL
  • Find Bad Sourcepaths script - Will make sure your SMS packages/programs are valid-It will make sure that the sourcepath for each package exists and then parse the comand-line for each program and confirm that the file being launched exists in that folder.
  • Find Disabled Programs - Just reports on any disabled Programs in SMS
  • Find Packages Without a specific share defined - Reports on any packages that don't have a specific share defined for the DPs. These get stored under the \SMSPKG folder and are harder to track down.
  • Find Unconfigured Sites and Services in AD - This will check the NetLogon logs on all of your DCs and e-mail you if any domain clients are on a subnet that you don't have configured in AD Sites and Services.
  • MOM Maintenance Mode Utility GUI - Allows you to easily put computers and computers groups into Maintenance Mode and also allows you to remove them from Maint Mode. (Screenshot)
  • Package status on DPs - Reports on any packages that are having problems deploying to DPs
  • SMS - Find Paths to Objects in Console - HTA that will allow you to enter in either a name or an ID for advertistments/collections/packages to identify where they are located in the SMS console- To help you find things that are hiding and take forever to find. (Screenshot)
  • SMS - Get Collections Adverts or Packages - Simple HTA that will return some basic information for Collections, Adverts, and Packages
  • SMS Audits HTA - A bunch of various reports to check the health of your SMS infrastructure. It also incorporates the Find Paths to Objects in Console HTA. (Screenshot)
  • SMS Group and Collection creation - Automates the creation of AD groups and/or SMS Collections. Extremely useful if you have AD or SMS segmented for management purposes. It will allow you to create AD Groups in multiple OUS and/or SMS Collections in multiple places in the heirarchy extremely fast. (Screenshot)

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