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SCCM Speedup Overview

Tired of Waiting for Software to Deploy?

Are you tired of waiting 3 hours (or more) for software to deploy after you build a new system?  Or, waiting just as long when you add a computer to an AD group or OU that a Collection is tied to? If so, you need SCCM Speedup!

SCCM Speedup will cut down the amount of time it takes for SMS/SCCM to “know” that a client needs new software from hours down to a matter of minutes.

SCCM Speedup can intelligently monitor both AD and SMS/SCCM for any relevant changes and trigger the appropriate back-end processes needed to make sure your software starts installing as soon as possible. It is optimized for efficiency so that it will only process the exact changes that were made. For instance, if you add a single computer to an AD group with 2000 members that is used by a Collection for SMS/SCCM deployments, only a DDR for that single system will be created and only the appropriate Collections will be refreshed.

SCCM Speedup "piggy-backs" onto SCCM's existing processes so you don't have to re-do all of your collection rule queries. 

Here is what will trigger SCCM Speedup to process a computer and any corresponding Collections:

  • A new SCCM client
  • A computer account changes AD groups and one or more of those groups are used for SCCM Collections
  • A computer account changes OUs

SCCM Speedup is currently in Beta and we are looking for customers interested in trying it out and helping to improve the functionality that it provides. You do not have to install it on your Primary (it can run on any system with .Net 4 installed).