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SCCM Speedup Case Studies

One of the first companies to use SCCM Speedup had the following situation:

They have around 20000 clients and 3500 AD Group-based Collections that are tied to Advertisements for software deployment.

They wanted software to deploy as soon as possible so they set things up so that everything would update as soon as possible.

  • They had AD System Group Discovery set to run every 45 minutes. It was taking an average of 30 minutes to finish each cycle so SCCM was constantly processing DDRs. Sometimes the server would get backlogged and the server would end up with hundreds of thousands of DDRs in the folder.
  • All of their Collections were set to Refresh every 10 minutes. There was a huge backlog for the Collection Evaluator. It was taking over 2 hours for it to cycle through every Collection so it was running 100% of the time.

With this configuration, it was taking around 4 hours for software to deploy and the Primary was being heavily taxed.

Insert SCCM Speedup....

  • We updated AD System Group Discovery to run once every night.
  • We updated all of their collections to refresh once every night.
  • We configured SCCM Speedup to check for changes every 3 minutes (each time it runs takes an average of 15 seconds)

Now, an updated DDR gets generated within 3 minutes and the corresponding Collection updates take place within 6 minutes (usually less). As soon as the clients request policy again, software starts to install!

DDRs/dayCollection Updates/dayTime for Software to Deploy
Previous Config96000063000Average of 4 hours
SCCM Speedup15003237Average of 10 minutes