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WakeonLanSMS Overview

Experience the Simplicity of WakeonLanSMS

altWakeonLanSMS is an innovative solution to making sure your software gets deployed at a time that is most convenient for your users. Deploying a large number of security patches, major software upgrades, or a new Operating System during business hours can leave a user without a usable computer for sometimes hours at a time.

Ideally you want to do these functions during the middle of the night when the users and you are sound asleep. The problem is that most of your computers are “asleep” as well. WakeonLanSMS will allow you to safely deploy major system upgrades at whatever hour works best for your company.

After many years of SMS experience and customer feedback, we have found that on average between 40 and 60% of computers are turned off after business hours. This often causes SMS Administrators to deploy large upgrades during business hours causing great inconvenience and productivity loss to the end users.

WakeonLanSMS solves this problem by allowing you to remotely wake up any compatible PC within your enterprise prior to software deployment. Our innovative design accomplishes this without the use of client agents, or any special router configuration. WakeonLanSMS runs as a single service that can actively determine what time software is getting deployed, what computers the software is being deployed to, and make sure that those computers are on and able to receive the software.

Best of all, WakeonLanSMS is agentless. You don't have to deploy custom clients to any of your systems.

Call us today at (314)780-9898 or email us at Cloaking to find out how you can use WakeonLanSMS today to achieve 99.9% software deployment success!

Just register on this website and send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will set you up with access to a fully-functional evaluation copy of the software