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WakeonLanSMS FAQ

Q. Does WakeonLanSMS require a client on remote computers?

A. No. WakeonLanSMS does not require any configuration on any of your workstations or servers except the system that the program is installed on. WakeonLanSMS can run as a single service on a single Windows XP workstation or Windows 2003 Server. WakeonLanSMS is a completely agentless solution!

Q. Does WakeonLanSMS require any special router configuration?

No. WakeonLanSMS uses your existing Windows ports required for SMS to function. No additional configuration is required.

Q. How does WakeonLanSMS know what computers to wake up?

A. WakeonLanSMS queries SMS to find all advertisements that are going to start in a specified time frame. After WakeonLanSMS finds each advertisement, it determines which collection is assigned to that advertisement and all of the members of that collection. WakeonLanSMS then wakes up all of those computers!!

Q. Can I configure when I want to “wake up“ my client computers?

A. Absolutely, WakeonLanSMS is fully configurable. You can have WakeonLanSMS wake up your machines at any specified time prior to or after a SMS advertisement mandatory start time.

Q. What are the software requirements for running the WakeonLanSMS service?

A. The WakeonLanSMS service will run on any Windows XP workstation or Windows 2003 server that has the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed.

Q. Does the WakeonLanSMS service have to run on a SMS Server?

A. No the WakeonLanSMS service will run on any Windows XP workstation or Windows 2003 server that has the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed. The resources required for WakeonLanSMS are so small that you can run it on any of your SMS servers if you choose to.

Q. How do I enable wake on lan functionality on my client computers?

A. With the purchase of WakeonLanSMS, you will receive client configuration packs which will allow you to enable“wake on lan” on your client machines without a single workstation visit.

Many models of computers need BIOS configuration settings changed and/or network driver updates in order for WOL to function. For instance, a very common network card (3Com 3C920) requires both a driver update and a BIOS option change in order to wake up properly. Our unique client configuration packs can be deployed via SMS to the systems that need them.

Q. What hardware do I need in order to use WakeonLanSMS?

A. WakeonLanSMS will run on any hardware platform and requires very little system resources. The CPU usage is incredibly small and the program only uses around 25MB of physical memory.

Q. Our routers have directed broadcasts disabled? Will WakeonLanSMS still work?

A. Yes, WakeonLanSMS is designed to work flawlessly on a network with directed broadcasts disabled. Most routers are configured that way by default and it is a good security practice to keep directed broadcasts disabled.