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WakeonLanSMS Product Sheet


Key Features:

  • Wake-on-LAN Technology that is tightly integrated with
    SMS 2.0/2003/SCCM 2007
  • Single Service Technology
  • No remote agents needed
  • No Special Router configuration needed
  • Wake up schedules are fully configurable

Primary Benefits:

  • Reduce productivity loss by scheduling deployments during off-hours
  • Achieve 100% software deployment success
  • Leverages existing SMS knowledge
  • Deploy Operating Systems, Service Packs, and patches with no user downtime

Product Sheet

WakeonLanSMS is an innovative solution to making sure your software gets deployed at a time that is most convenient for your users.  Deploying a large number of security patches, major software upgrades, or a new Operating System during business hours can leave a user without a usable computer for sometimes hours at a time.  Ideally you want to do these functions during the middle of the night when the users and you are sound asleep.  The problem is that most of your computers are “asleep” as well.  WakeonLanSMS will allow you to safely deploy major system upgrades at whatever hour works best for your company.

After many years of SMS experience and customer feedback, we have found that on average between 40% and 60% of computers are turned off after business hours.  This often causes SMS Administrators to deploy large upgrades during business hours causing great inconvenience and productivity loss to the end users.

WakeonLanSMS solves this problem by allowing you to remotely wake up any compatible PC within your enterprise prior to software deployment.  Our innovative design accomplishes this without the use of client agents, or any special router configuration.  WakeonLanSMS runs as a single service that can actively determine what time software is getting deployed, what computers the software is being deployed to, and make sure that those computers are on and able to receive the software.


  • WakeonLanSMS Service requires a Windows 2003 or Windows XP Workstation
  • Existing SMS 2.0/2003/SCCM 2007 Infrastructure
  • At least one Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 or Windows 2003/2008 system per remote location
  • Wake-on-LAN capable network cards

For More Information:


12165 Oakwilde Ct

Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043 USA






Technical Overview

WakeonLanSMS runs as a simple service that can reside either on the SMS Primary/Central server or on any Windows 2003 or Windows XP workstation that has the SMS Administrator console installed.

WakeonLanSMS polls the SMS database at an interval that you can configure for Advertisements that are going to start in a specific timeframe.  Once an Advertisement has been found WakeonLanSMS then determines what SMS Collection the Advertisement is being sent to, determines the all of the members of the collection, finds the IP subnets for the Collection members, and then wakes up the clients for the Collection by IP Subnet.

The wake up process uses our innovative design to allow you to either designate a specific server or workstation at a remote site or WakeonLanSMS will find a machine on that subnet to use to wake up the rest of the machines.